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Homemade Rose Toner


  • 6 oz witch hazel  organic and alcohol free is best
  • 1 cup fresh rose petal Stuff the cup!


  1. Add your rose petals to a pint mason jar.

  2. Add your witch hazel to your mason jar. Make sure that your witch hazel completely covers your rose petals.

  3. Close the lid on your jar. Give your jar a good shake so that the petals are fully immersed.

  4. Allow your mixture to sit for 2 weeks in a dark, room temperature room.

    Shake occasionally (such as once a day, or every couple of days).

  5. After 2 weeks, remove and discard the petals.

  6. You can keep your rose toner in your mason jar, transfer to an old soap dispenser (thoroughly cleaned out), or a reusable pump container.